"My sister Felicitas and I started La Panaderia 19 years ago; with $100 we made selling mantecadas (muffins), that we baked in empty tuna cans because we didn't own any muffins pans, that’s where our journey began."

In 2016 after finishing Ventures Business basics course, we knew it was time to raise the money for our bakery. So we turned to our traditional family recipe for tamales. 


We make each tamal by hand, and it all began with our mom 40 years ago, back in Guadalajara Mexico with six kids,  one on the way, and our grandma's recipe, she decided to start her own business. Within a year, it became our main household income. 


During 2016, right before we became a formal business, diabetes became part of our new normal, we learn that 14% of the Hispanic community is affected by diabetes, and so every other community in Washington state. At this point, we shifted our whole business focus, and we understood the need for healthy ready to eat food options in our community. 


So inspired by our mom's boldness 40 years earlier, we added a healthy twist to our mom’s recipe. We substitute the pork lard with coconut oil; we reduce the salt by 70%, and we only use 100% gluten-free masa. Plus they're delicious, here a link to our Seattle Times review.


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